The Need for Fresh Air & Ventilation

At long last things seem to be shaping up and returning to some kind of normal, apart from the odd hiccup. As the Covid 19 vaccine kicks in millions have had their first and many their second dose. We are all dying to get back out there, but care and a cautious approach is still advised. Although the emergence of the vaccine has been a game changer, we can still contract and carry the virus. We can even pass it on to others, so abandoning all safety measures just wouldn't be a good idea. The virus also has the capability of mutating, creating different strains and bringing the threat of illness and yet more lockdowns.

We may be wearing face masks indoors or when mixing in groups for some time yet along with other social distancing measures. As we are allowed to visit establishments and meet up with friends, it will be hard to stick to the rules. Groups meeting outdoors will have size restrictions, making them feel safer.

Big Changes to Everyday Lives in Greater Manchester

Verandas Smoking Shelters Sunrooms Outdoor Buildings Glazed Canopies Fresh Air VentilationMeeting outdoors in the UK has a few downsides we are all aware of, the main one being the unpredictable weather! Larger groups getting together outside will not relish splitting up if [or should we say 'when'] it rains and they have to go undercover. The government has warned the public about not being tempted to bring the proceedings indoors, should the heavens open. This could be hard to achieve though if everyone is enjoying themselves. Even where people are allowed to be indoors, there will still be an emphasis on ventilation and fresh air. This is because the fact remains that it's much safer to be outside in the fresh air, where the virus is dispersed. If tradesmen for instance are needing to be in the home, it is recommended that the windows and even doors are left open, and that masks are worn.

Medical specialists have been saying all along that the importance of fresh air and ventilation is not being pushed enough. A restaurant in Korea demonstrated this, when research showed that two diners were infected by a diner who had the virus after only a few minutes in the same room. The distances between the three diners was 4 and 6ft, showing how easily the virus is passed on.

Verandas, Glazed Canopies, Outdoor Buildings & Smoking Shelters

Specialists such as Greater Manchester Glass, have seen an increase in enquiries about the verandas, and similar kinds of outdoor buildings. Businesses and homeowners have had to rethink the way they work in an effort to keep themselves and others safe. Building modifications could be permanent, and set new rules of how we live and work. Some councils are even reimbursing businesses who have had to adapt their buildings due to the virus. It's a fact that many of us would spend more time outside given the choice, but staying dry and warm can be a challenge. Verandas, glazed canopies and smoking shelters may be in the spotlight at the moment, but they have always represented a solution to outdoor living. Not only that, they are one of the main home improvements that buyers look for, and will raise your home's value.

They are ideal if you wish to spend more time in the garden as opposed to just in the hotter months. When it comes to businesses like cafés and restaurants, verandas are on trend, bringing a unique, bohemian atmosphere to the high street community. They are extremely versatile too, and can be fitted with heating and mood lighting.

Domestic & Commercial Buildings, Providing Outdoor Shelter in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Glass have a great reputation for working closely with our customers in order to fulfil their needs. We love to offer our skills and craftsmanship to ensure an outstanding, fully tailored outcome. We can provide a comprehensive range of high quality glazed products which are elegant and highly functional.

Walk down any UK high street lately, and you will think you are on the continent, as people sit, eat and drink outside of restaurants cafés, bars etc. Verandas or other types of protective covers are common place, and mean that people can enjoy socialising. These scenes attract new customers who are just passing, and want to be part of the fun. Of course the more temporary solutions aren't as attractive as properly built structures. Chat to the team at Greater Manchester Glass about your preferred style of veranda or outdoor building, we'll be delighted to help.

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Verandas,The Need for Fresh Air & Ventilation, Big Changes to Everyday Lives in Greater Manchester. Verandas, Glazed Canopies, Outdoor Buildings & Smoking Shelters, Domestic & Commercial Buildings, Providing Outdoor Shelter in Greater Manchester

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