Verandas, Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies & Covered Walkways

As GM Glass know, Essex-based Trade Window Services have a fantastic reputation for the installation of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories. They have now branched out, extending their skills to the design, supply and installation of glazed verandas, canopies, smoking shelters and covered walkways.

Verandas and sunrooms are an imaginative alternative to patios and decking, and they can be combined to great effect. TWS verandas are available in an almost limitless choice of styles including classical, traditional and contemporary designs. 

The introduction of the smoking ban in 2007 forced bars and restaurants to rethink their outside spaces. Many saw this as an opportunity and with┬áTrade Window Services support they were able to enhance the natural features that already existed. Trade Windows Services now build verandas, smoking huts and sheltered areas that blend in with existing buildings or add something new. Their smoking shelters can be free standing or ÔÇÿlean-toÔÇÖ, with pitched, curved or sloping roofs. Smoking shelters from Trade Windows Service are manufactured using high strength, scratch resistant, transparent polycarbonates which is 200 times stronger than regular glass.

While verandas and smoking shelters offer pleasant, comfortable and warm areas to spend time outdoors, glazed canopies provide shelter to customers while they browse in shop windows. Combined with covered walkways, glazed canopies subtly steer potential customers in the right direction.

Glazed canopies are proving increasingly popular for the home where they are often installed over patios, decking and driveways. Like verandas and sunrooms, Trade Window Services can add lighting or outdoor heating and all glazed units come in a wide choice of tinted and coloured glass.

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Verandas, Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies & Covered Walkways