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High quality guttering delivers a range of benefits for your home, protecting it from water damage and its consequent expense. Gutters do a great job by diverting rainwater safely, so avoiding problems like damage to windows, flooring, furniture, décor and foundations. They function well, but need to be maintained if they are to provide the maximum benefits, and not become clogged. Of course, there are many things to worry about these days, but life before gutters must have been a bit problematic!

The first gutters came about in around 3,000 BC, and were made from wood, stone or brick. Ancient civilisations fashioned these early gutters to drain water from one area to another. As you might suspect, the Romans were the first to use this form of water channelling.

Gargoyles on buildings were usually functional as opposed to simply Gothically decorative, and were used to guide water away from important parts of the structure. These were replaced in the 1200s by more practical lead, clay and wooden gutters. Modern gutters come in materials like steel, UIPVC, aluminium and copper, and in a choice of shapes.

Get your gutters cleaned by specialists such as Chelmsford Roofline, to limit the risk of accident, and obtain a professional result. Falls from ladders are a major reason for trips to A&E, ask any NHS worker. Over the years specialists who clean and maintain guttering have found thousands of children’s toys up there. These have included balls, frisbees and shuttlecocks, not to mention lunch boxes, Barbie dolls and toy cars.

Gutters can be a haven for pests like mosquitoes, which love stagnating water, another reason to keep them clean. Strangely, earthworms are often found in gutters too, leaving many people puzzled. They are thought to be carried up there on birds feet or via the wind as eggs, but nobody is sure about this.


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