Fire Prevention in All Environments

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Every fire has the potential to be devastating in one way or another, but certain fires have widespread effects, caused by their fuel source, size and location. Fires which start in factories, nuclear plants, airport runways and forests can be catastrophic and have far reaching consequences. Specialist fire fighters dealing with these incidents, need to be experienced in controlling blazes and preventing explosions in a range of situations. It is imperative that these fires are extinguished as quickly as possible in order to limit damage or injury. By their very nature some fires are extremely difficult to handle, such as petrochemical fires, where there could be a variety of chemicals present at the same time.

Fire fighters are trained to respond in the most effective way, and to pre-empt the fires progression path. Their in-depth knowledge of emergency procedures in tackling these major fires frequently averts potential disasters. Another consideration when fighting fire in these settings, is the chemicals used to put out the blaze. The appropriate substances and methods must be used while staying aware of the safety of all concerned.

Forest fires cause significant damage to vast areas where conditions are hot and dry, spreading swiftly across the land and perhaps changing direction, even jumping across roads or rivers with the help of wind. They are responsible for extensive damage to surroundings including property and wildlife. They can have a number of causes such as human carelessness, intentional ignition or lightning.

Airport runway fires are recognised as requiring the utmost speed, due to the amount of possible casualties among passengers and crew. Dry chemicals and fire fighting foams are used by trained teams to quell these fires.

ABC Macintosh are experts in products which successfully bring any category of fire under control. Not only that, the fire fighting solutions they produce provide excellent performance, yet will not damage the environment in any way. Call them on 01536 260333 for more information.


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