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When windows in or near conservation areas need replacing it can be a little tricky, due to the requirements involving the look of the surrounding properties. Houses and other buildings in these places have a particular character and appearance which has to be preserved. This does not leave much room for manoeuvre where improvements or modifications are needed.

These locations are identified by the Local Authorities as having a definite architectural quality or historic interest and planning permission must be sought before any changes are made. Local Authorities are responsible for maintaining the integrity and look of a conservation area, and must adhere to strict guidelines. The upgrade should compliment the environment, and retain its special qualities.

Replacing windows in conservation areas has to be done with exceptional care, and will probably need a planning application before proceeding. This is to ensure that the rules about modifying these properties are adhered to. Windows are a major design feature of these homes, and must be sensitively dealt with when needing to be replaced. The original timber frames are preferable, but where these have rotted, there is a risk of damage to the rest of the building.

It is sometimes possible to get approval to fit UPVC double glazed window systems in conservation areas with agreement of the Local Authority. Where permission is given, it will usually be on the proviso that any window replacements do not differ too much from the originals. Fortunately the look and charm of these timber windows can be beautifully replicated with a UPVC substitute. This means an energy efficient, low maintenance and attractive result, as achieved within many projects completed by Trade Window Services. Give them a call on 01702 557137 with any queries or to arrange a quote.

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3 Basic Steps For Keeping Your Windows Sparkling

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Most people know that high quality UPVC double glazed windows, doors and patio doors are virtually maintenance free, which is a major advantage. There is no tiresome painting or treatments to do regularly, although there are a few small steps you can take to keep them looking pristine. Cleaning these window systems is a fairly pain free process, and fast too, leaving you lots of time to relax and look at the view.

Certain designs such as Tilt and Turn windows from specialists like Profile 22, are created not only with safety in mind but ease of cleaning also. Other styles have exceptional streamlining such as Optima Flush Sash. These leading windows and doors are available in Wickford from reputable installers Essex Trade Windows.

A few tips for keeping your UPVC windows, doors and sliding patio doors in tip top condition include: –

1) Dirt & Debris Removal
Sometimes there are ledges or nooks and crannies around frames where leaves or other debris can build up. To clear this you can use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, or even just a soft brush to avoid scratches..

2) Soapy Warm Water
Weak dish soap in warm water and a soft, clean cloth is an excellent way to remove dirt from UPVC frames. Abrasive cleaners such as cream cleaners, solvents or rough materials are not recommended as they could damage the surface finish. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away excess water.

3) Cleaning External and Internal glass
This is best done on a cloudy day, as sunshine could cause streaks as the window dries. Dust the windows first to get rid of any particles and debris. There are a number of preparatory products on the market including eco friendly versions. Alternatively make up your own solution with a mix of water and white vinegar [a cup of each mixed and put in a spray bottle]. Paper towels, kitchen roll or even newspaper are great for wiping and drying off the spray.


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