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Stunning and Versatile Window Systems

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When windows in or near conservation areas need replacing it can be a little tricky, due to the requirements involving the look of the surrounding properties. Houses and other buildings in these places have a particular character and appearance which has to be preserved. This does not leave much room for manoeuvre where improvements or modifications are needed.

These locations are identified by the Local Authorities as having a definite architectural quality or historic interest and planning permission must be sought before any changes are made. Local Authorities are responsible for maintaining the integrity and look of a conservation area, and must adhere to strict guidelines. The upgrade should compliment the environment, and retain its special qualities.

Replacing windows in conservation areas has to be done with exceptional care, and will probably need a planning application before proceeding. This is to ensure that the rules about modifying these properties are adhered to. Windows are a major design feature of these homes, and must be sensitively dealt with when needing to be replaced. The original timber frames are preferable, but where these have rotted, there is a risk of damage to the rest of the building.

It is sometimes possible to get approval to fit UPVC double glazed window systems in conservation areas with agreement of the Local Authority. Where permission is given, it will usually be on the proviso that any window replacements do not differ too much from the originals. Fortunately the look and charm of these timber windows can be beautifully replicated with a UPVC substitute. This means an energy efficient, low maintenance and attractive result, as achieved within many projects completed by Trade Window Services. Give them a call on 01702 557137 with any queries or to arrange a quote.

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3 Basic Steps For Keeping Your Windows Sparkling

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Most people know that high quality UPVC double glazed windows, doors and patio doors are virtually maintenance free, which is a major advantage. There is no tiresome painting or treatments to do regularly, although there are a few small steps you can take to keep them looking pristine. Cleaning these window systems is a fairly pain free process, and fast too, leaving you lots of time to relax and look at the view.

Certain designs such as Tilt and Turn windows from specialists like Profile 22, are created not only with safety in mind but ease of cleaning also. Other styles have exceptional streamlining such as Optima Flush Sash. These leading windows and doors are available in Wickford from reputable installers Essex Trade Windows.

A few tips for keeping your UPVC windows, doors and sliding patio doors in tip top condition include: –

1) Dirt & Debris Removal
Sometimes there are ledges or nooks and crannies around frames where leaves or other debris can build up. To clear this you can use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, or even just a soft brush to avoid scratches..

2) Soapy Warm Water
Weak dish soap in warm water and a soft, clean cloth is an excellent way to remove dirt from UPVC frames. Abrasive cleaners such as cream cleaners, solvents or rough materials are not recommended as they could damage the surface finish. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe away excess water.

3) Cleaning External and Internal glass
This is best done on a cloudy day, as sunshine could cause streaks as the window dries. Dust the windows first to get rid of any particles and debris. There are a number of preparatory products on the market including eco friendly versions. Alternatively make up your own solution with a mix of water and white vinegar [a cup of each mixed and put in a spray bottle]. Paper towels, kitchen roll or even newspaper are great for wiping and drying off the spray.


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Protect Your Home With High Quality Guttering

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High quality guttering delivers a range of benefits for your home, protecting it from water damage and its consequent expense. Gutters do a great job by diverting rainwater safely, so avoiding problems like damage to windows, flooring, furniture, décor and foundations. They function well, but need to be maintained if they are to provide the maximum benefits, and not become clogged. Of course, there are many things to worry about these days, but life before gutters must have been a bit problematic!

The first gutters came about in around 3,000 BC, and were made from wood, stone or brick. Ancient civilisations fashioned these early gutters to drain water from one area to another. As you might suspect, the Romans were the first to use this form of water channelling.

Gargoyles on buildings were usually functional as opposed to simply Gothically decorative, and were used to guide water away from important parts of the structure. These were replaced in the 1200s by more practical lead, clay and wooden gutters. Modern gutters come in materials like steel, UIPVC, aluminium and copper, and in a choice of shapes.

Get your gutters cleaned by specialists such as Chelmsford Roofline, to limit the risk of accident, and obtain a professional result. Falls from ladders are a major reason for trips to A&E, ask any NHS worker. Over the years specialists who clean and maintain guttering have found thousands of children’s toys up there. These have included balls, frisbees and shuttlecocks, not to mention lunch boxes, Barbie dolls and toy cars.

Gutters can be a haven for pests like mosquitoes, which love stagnating water, another reason to keep them clean. Strangely, earthworms are often found in gutters too, leaving many people puzzled. They are thought to be carried up there on birds feet or via the wind as eggs, but nobody is sure about this.


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Exciting Developments in North London

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 The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has announced the formation of a new panel to speed up domestic building on public land. Sites at the top of the list include Enfield’s Meridian One, and St Ann’s Hospital in Haringey. This panel, which will replace the previous group, disbanded in 2017, will run for four years, and consists of 29 developers, contractors and housing associations. This second London Development Panel [LDP2] will ensure that London’s public assets play a major role in addressing the affordable housing shortage. It has the potential to facilitate up to £20 billion of development according to the mayor.

A process will exist whereby sites are submitted by public bodies, and developers who have bid will be shortlisted after completion of an initial questionnaire. Once on the shortlist, candidates will be invited to prepare a thoroughly detailed tender.

Enfield in North London is set to use the LPD for the development of it’s Meridian One Scheme, master planned by Karakusevic Carson Architects. The borough took the majority decision not to use a single master developer for the project. Council leader Nesil Caliskan stated that the council within the project was ’genuinely new for a local authority’. Saying that the council would be able to oversee and take control of the development.

St Anne’s Hospital in Haringey, owned by the GLA, will receive similar LPD attention, and will include 50% ‘genuinely’ affordable housing. This has been a welcome move, as the St Ann’s Redevelopment Trust (StART) has held an extensive campaign aimed at securing affordable housing for the site.

There are also plans by Transport for London for three car parks in Harrow to be converted into 100% affordable homes. Underused public sector land provides an extremely satisfactory solution with regards to delivering new homes for North London. It also of course signals good news for the construction industry as a whole along with specialist suppliers and plant hire companies.

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Fire Prevention in All Environments

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Every fire has the potential to be devastating in one way or another, but certain fires have widespread effects, caused by their fuel source, size and location. Fires which start in factories, nuclear plants, airport runways and forests can be catastrophic and have far reaching consequences. Specialist fire fighters dealing with these incidents, need to be experienced in controlling blazes and preventing explosions in a range of situations. It is imperative that these fires are extinguished as quickly as possible in order to limit damage or injury. By their very nature some fires are extremely difficult to handle, such as petrochemical fires, where there could be a variety of chemicals present at the same time.

Fire fighters are trained to respond in the most effective way, and to pre-empt the fires progression path. Their in-depth knowledge of emergency procedures in tackling these major fires frequently averts potential disasters. Another consideration when fighting fire in these settings, is the chemicals used to put out the blaze. The appropriate substances and methods must be used while staying aware of the safety of all concerned.

Forest fires cause significant damage to vast areas where conditions are hot and dry, spreading swiftly across the land and perhaps changing direction, even jumping across roads or rivers with the help of wind. They are responsible for extensive damage to surroundings including property and wildlife. They can have a number of causes such as human carelessness, intentional ignition or lightning.

Airport runway fires are recognised as requiring the utmost speed, due to the amount of possible casualties among passengers and crew. Dry chemicals and fire fighting foams are used by trained teams to quell these fires.

ABC Macintosh are experts in products which successfully bring any category of fire under control. Not only that, the fire fighting solutions they produce provide excellent performance, yet will not damage the environment in any way. Call them on 01536 260333 for more information.


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Are You A Softy?

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carpet signedThe importance of flooring is sometimes underestimated, when for instance planning a home redesign, or redecoration. Decisions about carpets and flooring are often overlooked and left until the end of the work. Yet your floors have a major role not only in the look of your home, but type of floor, design, texture and colour will have a big impact on your living experience.

Your floors are the first thing people see on entering your abode, they cover the largest area of each room and are the most costly to replace in the future. This means careful consideration is required before choosing which flooring you will have. They are the foundation for your home’s design style and once you have settled on the perfect flooring for you, you are free to make other decisions. These choices are made easier when you know your proposed type and colour of floor, such as style and colour of furniture, lighting and general theme.

Flooring is ideal for creating the desired atmosphere from luxurious, cosy and decadent to elegant, pristine and sophisticated. Some love the softness of a carpet especially under bare feet, noise reduction and warmth are also factors to consider when making these choices. Carpeting nowadays is increasingly hard wearing, stain resistant and pretty easy to keep clean.

If your lot are heavy on carpets, like to wear shoes indoors, eat wherever they please or your pets keep forgetting they are house trained, you might think about vinyl, wood or laminate flooring.

Vinyls and LVT, which can cleverly replicate the look of stone, marble and wood, come in a vast array of colours and finishes and are a great flooring option. They recreate the look of materials which are extremely pricey, yet LVT is affordable, warmer and quieter. It is also tough and a dream to clean, highly usable in just about any room of the home, giving beautiful and impressive results.

Wood or laminate flooring comes in many shades, effects and finishes and has many practical advantages. Modern laminate is robust and is available in a range of cutting edge designs. Plus versatility is added by the placement of rugs, which change the whole feel of a room. Call Wood Street Carpets to book a FREE consultation on 01245 358900

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Mobile Friendly Sheds Website

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More and more business owners are turning to SEO specialists like Autus Website Design and Marketing in order to get the very best from their company websites. Autus have recently carried out a full overhaul and redesign for their clients SM Garden Sheds. This shed company have an excellent long standing reputation for uncompromisingly high quality products and services. They have strict procedures when sourcing their garden storage buildings too, often involving extensive travel. Only when they are happy that a product comes up to certain levels of performance, will it be accepted as part of what they offer. Constant monitoring also ensures that there is no lowering of quality once the shed is added to their range. They deliver exceptional customer service, and can advise on most aspects of garden storage, drawing on their vast knowledge and experience.

This high profile company wanted a website which would reflect their high standards, and forward thinking approach. After consultation with Autus, the website was redesigned, and an upgraded, custom package of SEO was put in place incorporating Responsive Design software. Visitors to the new website will be delighted with the speed and ease of navigation wherever they are, using their smartphones and tablets.

The new mobile friendly website is as aesthetically impressive as it is functional, and now ticks all the boxes with regards to the demands of search engine giant Google. In order to be successful and reach a wider audience, a website needs to maintain a prominent position within Google rankings, and a mobile friendly website is crucial in order to attain this. There is no longer a choice here as websites which do not have Responsive Design capabilities are now automatically downgraded by Google, giving their business competitors an edge.

Autus offers a seamless solution, with a package of SEO services uniquely tailored to each customers needs, along with an ongoing awareness of developments on the horizon. Many clients of Autus have taken advantage of their skills, in the knowledge that any pending changes to search engine requirements will be picked up on and acted upon.

Visit the new website or call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299

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Glass ÔÇô Versatile and Beautiful

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gm glass

image by DncnH

If there was ever a material with such a useful and versatile nature, ensuring it is utilised in every corner of our daily lives, it would have to be glass.

At Greater Manchester Glass, we appreciate the value of glass which is at the very heart of all we do, due to its key characteristics, transparency being one of the most notable. Glass can be produced in many forms, it can be stronger than steel or more delicate than spider web. It is beautiful, functional and its ease of manipulation allows it to be easily incorporated into architecture, vehicle manufacture, art, scientific research, surgical instrument production, technology and interior design.

When it comes to our living space, this multi use material is widely used whether for its aesthetic value or its functionality. Within the field of architecture, many of the world’s iconic structures are visually impressive and dynamic as a result of their stunningly designed glass curtain walling. Companies who wish to display a message of confidence and prosperity often have their office blocks encased in sparkling, reflective glass. One of the most striking and award winning glass buildings in the world is known as the Gherkin in London, a sort of elongated egg shaped construction designed by Norman Foster. A surprising fact about this glorious glass building is that even though it looks like it is composed entirely of curved glass, there is only one piece of curved glass which is at the very top! The Sage in Gateshead designed by Foster and Partners, is another incredible curved structure, and more of a spectacular work of art than a building.

gm 2

image by I├▒aki Queralt

The Louvre Pyramid in France represents an outstanding demonstration of how glass is used within design. This glass entrance to the famous Louvre museum was designed by I.M. Pei and consists of 673 glass sections. The GT Tower East in Korea, is a creation of ArchitectenConsort and stands out with the undulating waves of its glass façade, while the Basque Health Department Headquarters by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos in Spain, inspires with its unique and eccentric angular qualities.
Looks, strength, sustainability and versatility are what makes glass an extremely important material. First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd, are specialists in teaming two of the most versatile materials available. Based in Oldham Manchester, they manufacture, supply and install high quality aluminium double glazing for numerous customers within the commercial and domestic sector. Shop fronts, curtain walling, windows, doors and secondary double glazing are just a few examples of what they offer.

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High Value and Quality Outdoor Storage Sheds and Buildings

Quality Outdoor Storage Sheds and Buildings

SM Garden Sheds have been at the forefront of progression in the Outdoor Storage marketplace for some time now. Through thoughtful research and development they have made unprecedented progress in the sector.

Brilliant Value Outdoor Storage Options

Their value orientated approach to business has been welcomed by customers and this is evident in the success and thriving nature of the company. SM Garden Sheds believe innovation is key when keeping the customer happy, especially when dealing in items and products that count as security measures for some people.

All the while SM Garden Sheds succeed in providing aesthetically pleasing, practical, top end Outdoor storage options with undisputed value.

Wide Range of Outdoor Storage Products

Variety is one of the strong focus points for SM Garden Sheds and this is clear with the wide range of Outdoor storage boxes, Plastic and metal clad sheds, outdoor workshops and greenhouses plus much more. They understand that many people have acquired tastes when choosing something that will also act as an item of outdoor furniture. Every item has a sleek, thought through and good looking design that will adorn even the most elaborate of gardens, terraces or patios.

Returning to the topic of variety, SM Garden Sheds have made it their business to fill in the gaps when it comes to product affordability for their customers. They have researched, tested and included products for nearly every price range to ensure the highest possible satisfaction for their customers and their outdoor storage needs.

Biohort Leisuretime Outdoor Storage Boxes

For Instance the Emerald Outdoor storage box is a high quality product that provides a secure outdoor storage option at the lowest cost in the range. Regardless of the price SM Garden sheds never differ on value or cut corners and this remains one of the best selling outdoor storage boxes to date. Now on the other end of the scale is the popular Biohort Leisuretime box which remains a best seller at the top end of the range.

Not satisfied with the amount of choice available SM Garden Sheds went back to the drawing board and returned boasting a mid-range high quality outdoor storage box. This ÔÇÿgap fillingÔÇÖ has since become protocol throughout the company giving the un-mistakable variety and overall satisfaction associated with SM Garden Sheds.

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Beautifully Bespoke & Functional Kitchens

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kitchen class blogA modern kitchen is all about looking good while providing productive space, whether for entertaining or family gathering. It is one of the most important rooms of the home, and whereas some rooms can remain empty for days on end, the kitchen is used on a daily basis. A beautifully designed kitchen which is also practical and functional is an inspiration to even the most reluctant cooks. With everything to hand, gleaming surfaces and slick, smooth mechanisms on cupboards and drawers you will feel the need to be creative. It is a major aspect of present day living to engage in activities and discussions while cooking, rather than being isolated in another room and running back and forth to try and catch up with the rapidly changing topics of conversation. With our busy lives its also an advantage to be able to help with homework etc while preparing a meal, even when pushed for time.

When planning a new kitchen, you may want to consider a freshly designed room, more closely suited to your particular needs. Your family may have grown or diminished since you first began using your kitchen, so things could be rearranged for added convenience. If more space is needed, there are often structural adaptations possible utilising a little used room or piece of yard or garden. Maybe there is a solidly constructed shed or other outdoor building which can be included and turned into part of the kitchen. Sometimes Victorian semi’s or terraced houses have a side alley next to the house which is seldom put to good use, and this can contribute to extra kitchen dimensions.

Our web promotion partners Kitchen Class, Wigan, offer a FREE Plan and Design consultation as part of their kitchen and bathroom installation business. They have worked their magic and brought a customer focused service to areas like Wigan, Bolton, Parbold, Up Holland, Worsley, Wrightington, Standish, Shevington and Horwich. They enjoy an incredibly high level of repeat business and customer recommendation, due to the quality of their craftsmanship, and the superb bespoke kitchens they create. Whether contemporary, rustic, traditional or a mix of styles, Kitchen Class will have the perfect look for you, and can arrange an supplementary work. Their associate business SJP Building Services are specialists in all forms of design and build and can provide everything from planning, building, electrical, plumbing, conversions, extensions, roof work, plastering, heating and cooling to interior design, all under one roof. They can project manage your work, and also liaise with local councils regarding planning permissions and building regulations.

Call Kitchen Class to book your FREE consultation on 01942 704662

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