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5 Reasons for Getting a Veranda

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Veranda InstallationVerandas and other types of sheltered garden building, are all the rage these days for several reasons. The most obvious is of course the virus and the huge role fresh air plays in keeping us safe. This is because virus particles are dispersed in fresh air and are less effective at infecting people. This is why the government advises that meetings and other activities should be done outside. Of course this isn’t always possible, especially with the unpredictable UK weather, sun one minute and rain the next. Planning family get togethers or meals out can be difficult without risking cancellation when the weather changes.

Glaziers, builders and veranda companies have been inundated with orders, as businesses attempt to keep customers coming. Just about every bar or restaurant on the high street has some form of sheltered covering outdoors. Apart from staying safe from the virus, there are other advantages to verandas, including:

1. More Space

Verandas act as functional extensions for the home, allowing people to enjoy their gardens all year round. Verandas can be fitted with lighting and heating for a comfortable and versatile solution.

2. Shelter from Rain

Rain, strong wind and other forms of unpleasant weather are no fun, but verandas and glazed canopies are a practical addition. You can enjoy the garden, read a book, have a cuppa, check your phone etc without getting wet.

3. Raised Property Values

Alfresco living is growing like never before and it’s an accepted fact that home additions like this raise the value of any property.

4. Party On!

A sheltered structure like a veranda is an ideal way to extend outdoor parties and barbecues. Let the British weather do its worst, the fun will continue.

5. Keeps Floors Clean

A veranda will stop your floors and carpets from taking the brunt of mucky shoes. Slip off your shoes before entering the home and they will stay dry! Timber decking will also last better when protected from rain etc.

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