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Are You A Softy?

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carpet signedThe importance of flooring is sometimes underestimated, when for instance planning a home redesign, or redecoration. Decisions about carpets and flooring are often overlooked and left until the end of the work. Yet your floors have a major role not only in the look of your home, but type of floor, design, texture and colour will have a big impact on your living experience.

Your floors are the first thing people see on entering your abode, they cover the largest area of each room and are the most costly to replace in the future. This means careful consideration is required before choosing which flooring you will have. They are the foundation for your home’s design style and once you have settled on the perfect flooring for you, you are free to make other decisions. These choices are made easier when you know your proposed type and colour of floor, such as style and colour of furniture, lighting and general theme.

Flooring is ideal for creating the desired atmosphere from luxurious, cosy and decadent to elegant, pristine and sophisticated. Some love the softness of a carpet especially under bare feet, noise reduction and warmth are also factors to consider when making these choices. Carpeting nowadays is increasingly hard wearing, stain resistant and pretty easy to keep clean.

If your lot are heavy on carpets, like to wear shoes indoors, eat wherever they please or your pets keep forgetting they are house trained, you might think about vinyl, wood or laminate flooring.

Vinyls and LVT, which can cleverly replicate the look of stone, marble and wood, come in a vast array of colours and finishes and are a great flooring option. They recreate the look of materials which are extremely pricey, yet LVT is affordable, warmer and quieter. It is also tough and a dream to clean, highly usable in just about any room of the home, giving beautiful and impressive results.

Wood or laminate flooring comes in many shades, effects and finishes and has many practical advantages. Modern laminate is robust and is available in a range of cutting edge designs. Plus versatility is added by the placement of rugs, which change the whole feel of a room. Call Wood Street Carpets to book a FREE consultation on 01245 358900

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Mobile Friendly Sheds Website

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More and more business owners are turning to SEO specialists like Autus Website Design and Marketing in order to get the very best from their company websites. Autus have recently carried out a full overhaul and redesign for their clients SM Garden Sheds. This shed company have an excellent long standing reputation for uncompromisingly high quality products and services. They have strict procedures when sourcing their garden storage buildings too, often involving extensive travel. Only when they are happy that a product comes up to certain levels of performance, will it be accepted as part of what they offer. Constant monitoring also ensures that there is no lowering of quality once the shed is added to their range. They deliver exceptional customer service, and can advise on most aspects of garden storage, drawing on their vast knowledge and experience.

This high profile company wanted a website which would reflect their high standards, and forward thinking approach. After consultation with Autus, the website was redesigned, and an upgraded, custom package of SEO was put in place incorporating Responsive Design software. Visitors to the new website will be delighted with the speed and ease of navigation wherever they are, using their smartphones and tablets.

The new mobile friendly website is as aesthetically impressive as it is functional, and now ticks all the boxes with regards to the demands of search engine giant Google. In order to be successful and reach a wider audience, a website needs to maintain a prominent position within Google rankings, and a mobile friendly website is crucial in order to attain this. There is no longer a choice here as websites which do not have Responsive Design capabilities are now automatically downgraded by Google, giving their business competitors an edge.

Autus offers a seamless solution, with a package of SEO services uniquely tailored to each customers needs, along with an ongoing awareness of developments on the horizon. Many clients of Autus have taken advantage of their skills, in the knowledge that any pending changes to search engine requirements will be picked up on and acted upon.

Visit the new website or call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299

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