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Glass ÔÇô Versatile and Beautiful

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If there was ever a material with such a useful and versatile nature, ensuring it is utilised in every corner of our daily lives, it would have to be glass.

At Greater Manchester Glass, we appreciate the value of glass which is at the very heart of all we do, due to its key characteristics, transparency being one of the most notable. Glass can be produced in many forms, it can be stronger than steel or more delicate than spider web. It is beautiful, functional and its ease of manipulation allows it to be easily incorporated into architecture, vehicle manufacture, art, scientific research, surgical instrument production, technology and interior design.

When it comes to our living space, this multi use material is widely used whether for its aesthetic value or its functionality. Within the field of architecture, many of the world’s iconic structures are visually impressive and dynamic as a result of their stunningly designed glass curtain walling. Companies who wish to display a message of confidence and prosperity often have their office blocks encased in sparkling, reflective glass. One of the most striking and award winning glass buildings in the world is known as the Gherkin in London, a sort of elongated egg shaped construction designed by Norman Foster. A surprising fact about this glorious glass building is that even though it looks like it is composed entirely of curved glass, there is only one piece of curved glass which is at the very top! The Sage in Gateshead designed by Foster and Partners, is another incredible curved structure, and more of a spectacular work of art than a building.

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image by I├▒aki Queralt

The Louvre Pyramid in France represents an outstanding demonstration of how glass is used within design. This glass entrance to the famous Louvre museum was designed by I.M. Pei and consists of 673 glass sections. The GT Tower East in Korea, is a creation of ArchitectenConsort and stands out with the undulating waves of its glass façade, while the Basque Health Department Headquarters by Coll-Barreu Arquitectos in Spain, inspires with its unique and eccentric angular qualities.
Looks, strength, sustainability and versatility are what makes glass an extremely important material. First Choice Aluminium H&P Ltd, are specialists in teaming two of the most versatile materials available. Based in Oldham Manchester, they manufacture, supply and install high quality aluminium double glazing for numerous customers within the commercial and domestic sector. Shop fronts, curtain walling, windows, doors and secondary double glazing are just a few examples of what they offer.

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